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Omniwallet It is the most complete tool that will allow you to create the loyalty system adapted to the needs of your business.

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What will you achieve with Omniwallet?

Discover what you can enhance with our loyalty tool

System of points

For physical and online stores

Loyalty card

For each user at no additional cost

Awards Catalog

To reward your customers for their loyalty

Push notifications

For all users at no additional cost

Cards wallet

Customize your program with cards wallet

with omniwallet Your customers will get a virtual loyalty card downloadable on their mobile. This card identifies them as members of your community and allows you to send push notifications, simulating an app, but without the maintenance or development costs.

Simple setup

Manage everything from your Omni accountwallet

with omniwallet You will be able to manage all the variables of your loyalty program. From configuring the card layout wallet, configure which prizes you want to make available to your customers and how many points those prizes will be worth, to configure the push notifications that your customers will receive.

Awards Catalog

Make your customers redeem Accumulated points

with omniwallet, your customers will be able to exchange the accumulated points for euros of discounts on the payment page or for products within an integrated catalog. In addition, you can manage loyalty program rewards completely through our catalog management tool.

Metrics and KPI's

Collect data from your customers and analyze your loyalty

with omniwallet You will be able to access editable analytics dashboards where you can find data about your clients, points, rewards, cards, etc. This will allow you to have insights for the continuous improvement of your loyalty program.

Loyalty for all

What types of businesses can implement Omniwallet?

Omniwallet It is designed to be functional for different types of business. From physical businesses, such as restaurants, cafes or beauty salons, 100% online businesses such as communities or ecommerces and businesses with an online store and physical stores.

A world of possibilities

Uses by Omniwallet

Know all the uses you can give to Omniwallet. It doesn't matter if you are a small business or one with hundreds of physical stores.

Flexible Pricing

Our plans

Choose the plan that best suits your needs


  • Card generation/delivery
  • Customizable card
  • System of stamps or points
  • Panel with user information
  • Personalized push notification system
  • Geolocation
  • Analytics module


  • Card generation/delivery
  • Customizable card
  • System of points
  • Panel with user information
  • Personalized push notification system
  • Geolocation
  • Analytics module
  • Rule for assigning points based on the amount of purchases
  • Connection web service


  • all about omniwallet One
  • Rewards Catalog System
  • User zone
Coming soon
  • User type management
  • Advanced intelligence for redemption of points (according to user profile)
  • Smart campaign setup


For businesses with a customer volume greater than 500.000 and more complex specifications.

  • Possible custom integrations
  • Strategic consulting
  • Priority technical support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Location

  • One

  • Advanced

  • Creation and sending of mobile wallets

  • Stamp system

  • Personalized push notification system

  • Card personalization

  • Geolocation

  • Analytics Module

  • Connection web service

  • Configurable point system

  • Prize catalog system

  • User zone

  • Customer Testimonials

    Real opinions about Omniwallet

    The best way to show our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

    with omniwallet We have been able to implement the loyalty system that we had been imagining for a long time in a very simple way.

    Paco Gil

    Aeroclub Sabadell

    Now we can identify our customers' online and offline purchases and offer them rewards for their repeat purchases. This is something very valuable to our clients.

    Oscar Brave

    Norma Comics

    From the back office, in a super simple way, we can modify the design of the virtual cards, send notifications at no cost, create proximity alerts to a physical store. It is very complete and intuitive.

    Elisabeth Contel

    Looked Appliances

    Thanks to Omniwallet, we have revolutionized the way we interact with our customers. Their platform has allowed us to create a customized loyalty program that truly resonates with our customer base. The ease of use and flexibility of the system have been critical to our success.

    Reuben Martin

    Pemaga Group

    Omniwallet It has been a game changer for our business. It has allowed us to connect our online and in-store operations in a way that was not possible before. Now, every customer interaction is an opportunity to strengthen our relationship and foster brand loyalty.

    Carla Maso


    The functionality and support offered by Omniwallet They are incomparable. The ability to personalize virtual cards and communicate directly with our customers through the platform has significantly improved our marketing strategy. The proximity alerts tool has also significantly increased our store visits.

    Marwan Riachi

    Nut Nut

    Our Customers

    Who they trust in Omniwallet

    We are compatible with companies from all sectors

    Head of Ecommerce at Norma Comics

    Jose Cardinal

    Omniwallet It has helped us integrate the online and offline world, being able to identify purchases from both worlds and rewarding our customers for their loyalty with our FANZ loyalty program.


    Our Integrations y Partners

    In addition to native integrations, you will be able to integrate any system through the API.


    Do you have questions? Here.

    Frequently asked questions, quick solutions and official information about each feature.

    Omniwallet It adapts to multiple types of business from different sectors. From 100% digital, omnichannel or 100% physical businesses.

    No, Omniwallet is a cloud software where you can manage your loyalty program by creating cards wallet for your business customers and thus increase their loyalty.

    A virtual card is downloadable in the app wallet from your mobile phone, identifies your customers as members of the loyalty program and allows you to send them push notifications.

    Yes, the virtual cards of your loyalty program issued by Omniwallet They are 100% compatible with Google Wallet Android and Wallet from iOS.

    The user will not receive push notifications, but is part of the loyalty program anyway, so they accumulate points for their purchases.

    Yeah. Integration with your ecommerce is done thanks to the Omni moduleswallet for the main ecommerce platforms on the market.

    Yes. Integration with other systems is very simple since we have an open and documented API available.

    Of course, with the Local Plan you only have to register your client at first so that they receive their virtual card. Then, every time he passes near your coffee shop, you can notify him or read his card to see how many times he has come and give him his free coffee.

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